Monday, October 13, 2014

#3 Zen vs. Dust Bunnies

Laundry piles up when I work, act as chauffeur, try to keep meals on the table and volunteer at the food pantry for my church. There are dust bunnies under my kid’s bed that look like ostrich eggs. The other day Daniel went to get his soccer ball and brought one of those to the car instead. I was not amused. Then my husband, Robert said I needed to cut something out to make more time for the house. After all I was the one that wanted a bigger house. If I couldn't take care of it maybe we should downsize.

Have you ever had that moment when you see Rambo’s body but your head is where Sylvester’s Stallone’s should be? Then you lift your machine gun in the air and start firing, while screaming your outrage because the toilet overflowed. Me too! So I pop the Totally Zen CD into the car thingy and crank that puppy up on high, hoping to outlast the “Let It Go” song from Frozen my daughter is singing in the back seat while her brothers practice their Kung Fu on each other.

When I was captured by this guy named Amon from Egypt he kept telling me not to be afraid. I nearly became hysterical with laughter. I told him I had three kids and taught in a public junior high school. “Not much scares me,” I snorted. Yeah. I snorted. Not very dignified, but I’d just been kidnapped and thrown in the floor board of a car. The driver thought he was Mario Andretti or something the way he kept swerving and gunning the engine. I guess he thought he could outrun the hurricane that was over us. Idiot. 

Oh! My point! Being a mom and housewife gets a little dicey at times. You can’t always be Martha Stewart for the Roberts of this world. Find something to relieve the stress; hot bubble bath, spa day or for me it’s working at Enigma fighting terrorists. Robert doesn't even know I keep a gun Velcro to the top inside drawer of the nightstand. Sometimes secrets are a good thing. 

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