Thursday, October 9, 2014

#2 Not my Fault

Captain Chase Hunter is a no nonsense ex-Delta Force captain. He stampedes around my life like a F5 tornado. With a chip on his shoulder and anger management issues, it's a wonder the president even wanted him to be a team leader at Enigma. I guess when you save the president's life his way of thanking you is to put you in even more danger. I know this because I had the misfortune of giving him over three pints of my blood once. Not exactly my best day! Next thing I knew I  was working for Enigma.

Anyway, back to the captain. He's over six foot with a definite Cherokee heritage showing in those high cheek bones and dark skin. He's not a handsome man but holy cow, he certainly takes my breath away with those chocolate brown eyes and wide mouth. Did I mention he's as strong as an ox with ... Goodness. I think I'm going to have to go splash some water on my face. Let's just skip the description.

We get along most of the time. I probably talk to him more than my husband about the kids, world events and my dreams. What always amazes me is that he actually listens to me. It's a little disturbing at times because he seems to hold his breath at every word. A number of times he's told me I'm the only person who can make him laugh. One thing that concerns me is he rubs a spot on his chest when I'm around. It's like I'm the reason he's in pain. The others on the team have never noticed it. Only me.  Robert only listens if food or sex is involved.

And "NO" I'm not sleeping with the captain. Well there was that one time when we first met. It was really very innocent, at least on my part. We were on a mission, one king size bed and he being the gentleman, slept on the floor. I promise I didn't know he'd get off the floor during the night, turn up the air and crawl into bed when I was sound asleep. Somehow the cold made me gravitate into his arms. Nothing happened! Horrified I set some kind of record jumping out of the bed the next morning. I didn't think he would ever stop laughing. Even today he holds that over my head.

So why did I share a room with him in the first place? I didn't have a choice. He didn't trust me because I sort of tried to escape several times. Totally not my fault. Robert had taken the children on a trip to Tahoe so it was out of the question I call for help. After all I was being watched by some crack pot agency at Homeland Security. I should have been safe. Right?

Those days started me on a journey that changed everything. The only person who knows the truth about me is Tierney James. If Enigma finds out about her she could be in danger too. She'd probably love working for them. At this point I'm just trying to keep my head above water with these guys. Every time I plan to quit, Chase does something that makes me realize I never will.

Sometimes I think I'm falling in love with him.

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