Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hurricanes, Assassinations, Wacky Relatives OH MY!

Imagine my embarrassment when this happened in Winds of Deception. Tierney James captured my humiliation quite well throughout the story. Don't get the wrong idea if you read the book. I really do love my husband. Seriously. Only...well Captain Hunter just is like no one I've ever met before and I can't resist getting up to my eyeballs in trouble with the snap of his fingers. What's wrong with me! I haven't crossed the line yet but I'm standing on it with my toes hanging over the edge.

Chapter 1

Glass shattered when a bullet penetrated the mountain cabin window where Tessa tried to hide the last two days. A gust of fifteen degree wind followed by puffs of icy snow, burst into the room as if needing more space to pile its merciless whisper of a cold death. When she tried to find cover, the wet snow matted to her boots, and sent her sprawling into her partner’s bleeding body on the floor. 

He’d taken the bullet as he pushed her out of harm’s way. Frantic, Tessa covered his body with hers when more rounds of an automatic weapon pulverized the upper wall over the fireplace, sending debris into the flames, flickering light into the otherwise dark room. Knowing the moment of payback had arrived, she slid her hand down to the SIG rifle. Her partner, Chase Hunter, taught her how to use it the day before. She felt his firm grip on her wrist. Because she wasn’t an agent like him and the others on his team, fear caused her hand to shake. After all the times Chase had rescued her, she couldn’t let him down because of a lack of training.
“Tess, I want to tell you something.” He started to cough. His camouflaged shirt now covered in blood warned of no tomorrows. “About you. The way I feel.”
Just then the door of the cabin exploded inward. Tessa lifted the SIG and rolled to a sitting position as three men in goggles and white down suits rushed in. Without hesitation her finger met the trigger, knowing the weapon would deliver the accuracy she needed to end this nightmare. Men gasping for a last breath and landing like bombs against unsteady furniture sounded like music to Tessa’s ears, with the realization this nightmare had concluded one more time.
Like the other times, she would lower her weapon, before kneeling down next to him. Looking into his dark eyes, she watched as he stared at something in another time, another place.
It always ended this way. “Chase, don’t leave me. I need you.”
“Come closer.”
Lowering her ear to his lips, now blue with the coming of death, the words never varied. “I’m here.”
“You need to buckle your seat-belt.”
“What?” she said incredulously as her head jerked upward.
A hand touched her shoulder. “Mrs. Scott, we are about to land. You need to buckle your seatbelt.” A soft, comforting voice of a mature flight attendant caused her to startle awake.
Tessa shot a worried glance at the other passengers. Had she talked in her sleep? No one seemed to be giving her a second look when she buckled up, then ran her fingers through tangled curls. Aware of sleep drool on the corner of her mouth, she licked her lips then swiped away the moisture.
Embarrassment at the dream forced the march of red up her neck and onto her face just as the flight attendant came by once more for a final check. The dream sequence occurred often over the last year.
The attendant’s concern added a layer of discomfort. “Are you alright, Mrs. Scott? You look a little feverish.”

She scooted lower into her seat. 

You see what I mean? Less than an hour later I stumbled onto a pathway of destruction for the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Israel. Tierney's book comes out June 29th. Must be why she keeps getting hangup calls and the sound of a drone buzzing overhead. 

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