Saturday, October 24, 2015

Confused by Passion & Death Threats

Product DetailsWhen I decided to go to a geography conference in Washington D.C. I had no idea Enigma would be waiting for me. That scoundrel, Carter Johnson, flew the plane I took. Of course I didn’t know until I landed it was him. Needless to say I freaked. I hadn’t seen any of those sketchy agents for a year and when I saw two of them in the airport I knew it was only a matter of time before my life would unravel. Between my uncle threatening the president and the Prime Minister of Israel I didn’t have a chance of a normal trip. Oh! And did I mention a hurricane barreled toward the Atlantic seaboard?

Layers of mayhem started to fall into place. I found myself at odds with Captain Hunter. Again.
Product DetailsOne minute he was trying to find me before some Egyptian yahoos found me, the next he was pretending to undress me while luring them to come after us. Talk about an avalanche of emotions as to how I really felt about the captain just managed to confuse me more.

It felt like we were growing closer. All those months apart weighed on me, wondering if he was safe, happy or even loved someone. I wanted him to believe in me, believe that I could stop the terrible thing my uncle planned to do to the president. But in the end I sided with Uncle Jake. It would be my undoing.

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